Steampunk Design – How to steampunk your home

If you’re like us, you love the strongest architectural and design trends of the Victorian era. A steampunk design for the house is represented by that amalgam of inventions full of pipes, iron, bronze and dark colors that remained emblematic of that period and have come to life, vitalized by the appetite of those who have developed a special taste for architectural design that impresses.

You can find out how to steampunk your home in the lines below.

The principle of steampunk design for the house

To understand what you need to do to stay on track, you need to understand the steampunk principle. It’s not just dark colors and iron details. It’s about the Victorian era and objects with a lot of details that delight your eyes. But it’s not just that. Steampunk takes all this Victorian phenomenon and combines it with industrial details that, if well cemented by a gothic air, will give you a show of details and interior landscapes that you will not be able to get rid of.

How to steampunk your home – Apply steampunk design to the house.

You don’t need a lot of items to understand how to steampunk your home. The main elements that define the Steampunk style are the most industrial and that have the weight of iron, but also a very strong sense of movement or vibration. Gears, iron pipes, plumbing joints, etc

The main advantage of these elements is that there are no limits to their use during design. If you are going to redecorate everything from scratch, you have found the perfect recipe. Pipes are best suited where there are light sources, handles, storage places or parts of the rooms where there is not much movement.

Gears or industrial elements such as wrought iron, nails, screws, or sheet metal elements are just tools to add as many strong details as possible.

Restored or vintage furniture

If during the restoration were used iron elements or large hinges that stand out, vintage or restored furniture is the perfect detail that combines the visual with the useful, thus making it possible to create a steampunk atmosphere that you can admire, but also use or feel. Let’s be serious, vintage furniture has always been an effective trick to completely change the sensations offered by an interior.

How to steampunk your home – Steampunk colors

The most used colors to bind very well all the compositions of heavy decorative elements are black, brown, cream, sepia, dark green or dark red. If an element looks like a hot foundry boiler, you are on the right track. If the colors also look like a cool molten metal, you are on the right track again.

Dark leather, iron elements, brick, Victorian wallpaper, old books and even Victorian clothing. All these are just some of the things that will radically change the image of your home.

There are more articles to come in which we highlight the decorative styles of all times, so don’t forget to take a look at the blog every week.

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