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Because last time we talked about Steampunk design and these two are like sisters, today we were forced to approach one of the most artistic interior design styles, the famous Gothic design. Because it looks more like a work of art and resembles a combination between a Victorian poet and a construction engineer, the Gothic style is one of the most impactful styles used in the interior.

Main elements of Gothic Design-History

Gothic design is a style that was born in Europe and is dedicated to great and tasteful images. Some say it started in France, and it probably did. The most important projects with Gothic design are the large buildings, churches, cathedrals and other monuments that leave you speechless at first sight.

The style has always been known as French. The main elements that define it are the very large vaults, the medieval details and the very small glass windows. History buffs would tell you that a Gothic style house should have thin walls, which is very true. But if you want to build something big, you’ll have to make walls a little thicker. And so you get to a house that looks like a miniature castle.

Gothic Design – Architectural Elements

If you plan to decorate the whole house, you will have to prepare for some mess because the elements that matter most in such a Gothic design are the walls and large objects. You need to find the right plaster, the shapes for the walls, find a way to create sharp vaults in the ceiling and use aging treatments for the flat surfaces of the walls.

If your home has a low enough ceiling and doesn’t leave much room for you to start loading it with items, you should consider changing the location. A simpler solution for the walls is wallpaper, which can help you give any texture and color to the walls without much trouble.

It’s not easy at all

The Gothic style is a very complex one that completely changes the way a house looks. If you go to extremes and appeal to elements inspired by Catholic churches, you must assume that the new look of your home will look quite extreme, but also impressive.

Each piece of furniture will need retouching and adjustments. Everything must be stylized with materials and details that will not be cheap. The Gothic style is very elegant and full of drama, where quality decorative elements will always have their say.

Gothic Design Colors and Materials

For colors, the strategy is as simple as possible. The more shades of black, but also a few spots of dark red, dark green, brown, and some important tricks for directing light using mirrors, will create a wonderful Gothic landscape.

About materials, most of the budget will probably be spent here. Everything has to be luxurious. Silk, velvet, satin. Let’s not forget that the Gothic style is a very elegant one.

For more information and consulting services, contact us for a photorealistic image that will show you exactly what your Gothic style home should look like.

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