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Kitchen Design – How do you design your new kitchen?

Do you really want to make a 10 grade kitchen? Then listen carefully to the following advice, because if it is applied properly, it can radically change your life. The kitchen is where you are present every day, but it changes a lot. It’s not at all the way it was 10 years ago, and it’s probably not at all like the kitchen in 10 years ago. If you want to make a correct kitchen design, think about the future.

Kitchen Design – Start with careful planning

In order to have one of the most efficient kitchens, it is important that you feel efficient when you are inside. Make a list of all the utensils you will need when you are in the kitchen. How expensive or luxurious should the gadgets you use be? Create a plan that you follow when you go shopping.

Don’t just stop at a few large electronics and appliances, such as the refrigerator and oven. Write down everything. Shelves, carpet, color and material of the kitchen worktop.

Set a budget

Once you have a complete shopping list in front of you, it’s time to put it in parallel with the budget you are willing to allocate for this kitchen. It is not recommended to start any project, especially a kitchen, without keeping in mind the spending limit. Shopping planning and budgeting go hand in hand throughout planning.

Don’t forget that this budget also includes details such as plumbing, electrical wires, sockets, lighting, the type of floor you are going to choose, the price that the construction company charges for such a kitchen, and in the end, it leaves little room for unexpected expenses.

The colors of your kitchen

You probably agree with us when we say it’s time to give up the neutral colors that everyone applies to kitchens. We have already seen thousands of white or black kitchens and we believe that there is enough space in the kitchen for some pretentious design. Try to use dark-colored furniture, even if you have light-colored furniture hanging on the wall.

The kitchen countertop does not have to be the same color as the rest of the furniture, and if you have a door that leads to a terrace in the backyard, you can use all that light to apply some very bold shades to your kitchen.

The kitchen worktop

If you have enough space, you can take advantage of this to make an island in the middle of the kitchen that will serve as a workbench for the chef responsible for dinner. When you choose the color of the countertop, you are more interested in the material because the material is the one that sets the tone and vibe of the kitchen.

You can choose quartz, porcelain, granite, marble, or even wood. If you resort to such a solution, take care of the way you organize around this island. Chairs, accessories, colors. You can find the best advice in our team or from the architect you work with. Good luck!

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