Top interior design trends 2021

Almost any object, detail, color or memory has a bitter touch considering that the year 2020 was one on the verge of the strange. That is why a state of alert has been declared for the new interior design trends 2021. Everything must be restarted, and the new styles must make room to refresh the atmosphere, the air and we are very excited to see how everything evolves.

Top interior design trends 2021

Rustic Vogue

This design will be especially appreciated by the crowds of enthusiasts, attractive to any viewer who loves the modern comfort of the house, but also wants to add his touches and add some details about any fantastic characters. This style fits perfectly where there are already unusual elements such as pillars, beams, floors, paneling, but also pieces of new and old contrasts.

The most used materials to support this design is recycled or reconditioned wood.

Distant Shores

Who would not want to feel that he lives thousands of miles away from the usual classic city environment. The Hawaiian style has been reinvented in the trend that ranks second in our top. The longing for a monotonous holiday is more present than ever, which is why we believe that new homes will look more and more like a dream vacation.

The interiors inspired by the distant shores offer a calm and relaxing living space that turns the house into a welcoming place and that charges you with energy. Design with classic floral details, tropical subtleties, lemon colors, leaves, tropical flowers, vegetation.

Vintage – Interior design trends 2021

Antique, refurbished or retro pieces have their place in a vintage ensemble that will be further appreciated in 2021. The difference between the vintage we knew until now is that this is a lighter, more natural version and not imposed by techniques or forced to change the appearance of a piece. More contrast is desired in 2021.

Instead of making a vintage home in the factory, 2021 is about preserving the true Vintage. The kind of aspect that needs layering, where the pieces are chosen over time, which have stories and which means something to the one who lives next to them. Elements that attract small details such as expensive fabrics or old lighting fixtures are accepted this year.

Warm colors

Warm colors are very well received in the spring months, but also in the sunnier season. Many oranges, peacock blue, navy blue, gray are seen. This trend is more popular in the winter season, but it is perfect for a cold spring.


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