Modern Interior Design VS Contemporary Interior Design in 2021

Let’s establish from the beginning that Modern interior design is not the same as Contemporary interior design. Even stranger is that most customers confuse not only these two styles but most of them. This is understandable when they each have a lot of similar details. It is very difficult for most people that are not accustomed to design, to distinguish and even define their own style of interior design.

Today we are talking about modern and contemporary interior design because they are widely used and it is good to know as many details as possible about how an interior design trend is presented.

Modern interior design

A modern interior design is quite generalist at least in terms of description, which clearly illustrates a house with a clean interior design, with clear and discreet lines, with a fairly simple color palette, but which also uses materials from the category of new or used in the factory industry, such as: glass, steel or metal.

And because newer, modern design goes hand in hand with simplicity, that’s what we’re talking about here. Each element is rich in very well defined and simple elements, and when we talk about elements we also refer to pieces of furniture, decoration or practical elements. If you imagine a gentleman dressed in a suit, with a simple style, you will see not very bright colors, clothes without mistake and few elements, but which attract attention.

To wrap up, elegance is the word that best describes a Modern interior design. In this trend you will not be suffocated by many details and small elements. Everything is meant to provide a free space, but very beautiful to the eye.

Contemporary interior design

Yes, modern and contemporary go quite well together and make a team that always reaches the top of the rankings. However, if they were identical, they would not be given different names. Contemporary design, however, is different from modern design, and the main difference is even related to the time from which the two styles are inspired. If the main model followed by a Modern interior design is the one that illustrates as much as possible the styles from the 20th century, the contemporary design opposes.

On the other hand, contemporary design seems to give you a lot of freedom and does not cling to any temporal current, old or new fashion, nor does it respect a system of exact values ​​closely related to a period in the past. Curved shapes and patterns appear here.

The contemporary refers more to the most present time that you perceive. If I go far enough, today’s contemporary is different from yesterday’s. The contemporary style adopts minimalist, modernist, artistic styles, from any part of the globe without focusing on a certain thing.


As similar as they are, we can find so many differences between them, so if you want to deepen this topic or approach other interior design styles, write to us and give us a pinch!

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