Design mistakes that you should avoid when designing your house

You’ve made a list containing all the important things, you’ve finalized the spaces, you’ve chosen an architect or interior designer to make a few decor plans together, and now it’s time to look out for the most common mistakes people make when designing a new home. Today we find out together what those design mistakes are and we try to explain to you why you should avoid them,

Design Mistakes 

Storage rooms

It is more exciting to make the master bedroom the attraction of the home. It is the place where you will spend quality time with your partner or the most relaxing moments of the day. But that doesn’t mean storage space isn’t important. If you drink hot tea in your new bedroom and then get angry that you have nowhere to store the dishes, things will not be pleasant.

You should never underestimate the power of a home closet. The advantages are of several kinds. First of all, an attractive closet or storage space could even increase the price of the house, and your rooms, especially the kitchen, will look cleaner and simpler.

Do not ignore the storage space because although it seems harmless, it has the power to destroy the home you have been dreaming of for so long.

Don’t make the plan until you buy the land

The mistake of going to an architect or an interior designer before you buy an empty house or apartment is more common than you might think. The client is delighted that he is going to change his house and is sure that he will buy a plot of land. So sure that he goes first to the architect and then to the seller of the land. Most of the time, the land ends up being sold to someone else, and our client is left with a project that does not fit anywhere.

The difference between needs and desires

You want a lot of things, but can you afford to pay for them? We recommend that when you make the plan for the whole house, you make a list of things that please you and you want in your home, but also a list of things necessary to lead a comfortable life.

If your wish list is longer than your needs list, you’re probably not very realistic. But if you have an unlimited budget, who are we to challenge your wishes? Most customers want every detail in the home to have their mark on them, but customizing more things comes with other costs. You have to be prepared for that and afford it.

Ignore your designer

Even if you turn to an interior design studio or an architect for a 3D rendering, you must not forget that he is the specialist, and his opinion is the main service you pay for. With each request you have, you must comply with certain rules of safety, style, and functionality. So if you hear that an 80 kg chandelier doesn’t work in a living room with a fairly low ceiling, you should probably listen to the advice, and there are many examples.

Conclusion – Design mistakes

Most of these design mistakes are most often caused by a state of happiness and impatience. Fortunately, we understand this and we are there with you to make sure you stay on your feet.

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