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Home design – What you need to know before going to an architect

You have prepared the budget, you are ready to start working on the whole difficult process of home design. Although our job is to give you the best results and turn a dream into reality, the basis must come from you and for that I wrote a few words about what rules to follow when preparing the ground for landscaping.

Home design – What design concept did you choose for your home?

A concept does not mean that you have to choose a certain kind of design that limits your desires and that you cannot change at will. The basic concept of the design project has only a role of completing and creating a balance between all the details and objects, but also the ensembles located or built in the house. No matter what you need for your home, all the components will follow a pattern of a concept.

What is the concept and how can you establish it?

First of all, you should establish for both, you and your family what are the elements that define each room in the house. If the little ones will play there, if it is a restroom, a room to spend free time or it is an office. Once you have established the function of each room, another important component for home design is the furniture for each of them. What furniture pieces will you need in order to make use of that room?

Once you have all these things set, go through them once again to make sure everything is calculated realistically and possible. We know that it is exciting to arrange your house, but it is just as exciting to let yourself be swept away. The architect will be able to create a realistic project as long as the client wants achievable things.

In the end and probably the most important aspect is the decorative style. All those small details that will be included everywhere to give a style to the home and to place it in a time segment where that style comes from. There are many styles and we will delve into them in our blog. – Industrial, contemporary, rustic, etc.

Natural lighting for home design

Lighting gives the feeling. Do you feel your mood change when you spend 10 minutes in a dark room and suddenly move into a lighted one? Well, light plays an important role in providing sensation, comfort and vibration. Most likely, the architect will help you decide on this, but it is good to know that a place that receives a lot of natural light will be a relaxing place.

For artificial light you can use lamps, spotlights that, if placed where they should be, can draw attention to a detail or a piece of furniture.

You have a whole army of options to choose from: Lamps, chandeliers, sconces, LEDs, cold light, warm light, neon.

Cold light is more suitable for rooms where the occupant is most active. For example the kitchen.

Warm light is more desirable in places of relaxation such as a master bedroom.


We are not saying that you have to be an expert or to know everything, but it never hurts to know exactly what you want from the future plan of your home. The more you know what you want, the better your home will look.

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