Interior design and ideas post COVID-19 directly from customers.

We don’t know for sure if we are in a post-Covid-19 stage, but at least the signs show that we are not getting worse. Although at the beginning of this phenomenon we did not think that an epidemic could affect absolutely every possible field, here it managed to change a few things in the design of homes both inside and outside. Today we present you some interior design ideas.

Interior design – Demarcated spaces return

The famous trend by which many people started building American-style homes, with open space and kitchens combined with living rooms to create a very open and generous space could stagnate. The current has become increasingly popular in Europe where people are gradually tasting what an open space means and what benefits it brings.

As beautiful and pleasant as the feeling was, the number of people who will build houses with open spaces will be reduced. What is the reason? Obviously, with the pandemic, many people started working from home, and the feeling they have when they work in the same place where they relax is not a very pleasant one.

Those who choose their interior design ideas again opt for clearly delimited rooms, separate kitchens, separate living rooms to make the transition from work to relaxation easier.

Homemade sports

For many months, the gyms were closed, and most of those who included sports activities in the program resorted to temporary solutions trying to do this from home. But do you have the same performance while the children play a few inches away from you or your life partner has meetings?

Some clients end up talking more about the gym at home than about the office or living room. Times have changed a little, and most of those who had gyms at home and did not use them, have now either become a necessary space for relaxation or sports.

Outdoor recreation areas 

Every square meter can now be used, which has been better understood than ever by our customers. Now the backyard also has its purposes. If in many countries, the exit program was and still is limited, customers come more and more often with extravagant requirements.

Many of them want to have a place to make the fire, right in the middle of the yard. Others will want waterfalls or small lakes with water lilies, terraces, or simply want their entire backyard to be filled with a completely customized landscape, with lots of vegetation and possibly a habitat for a few small creatures. A corner of heaven behind the house

Conclusion – Interior design

It is quite beautiful what is happening and it is amazing how even the architecture and interior and exterior design industry are affected by the way people feel about the pandemic. What changes do you want to make to your home?

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