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How to cheaply decorate an apartment

Decorating an apartment seems like a long process that involves shopping lists with hundreds of products and many hours lost in the redecorating process. But how do you cheaply decorate an apartment with a fairly small budget? How can you do this in a way that is as cheap as possible but that also has a big enough impact that makes you feel worthwhile? Here are some ideas:

Cheaply decorate the walls

You don’t need a thousand euro wallpaper or a very expensive modern artist to be able to give your walls a unique personality. If you want to get rid of the color of your walls and make them look much more special, you can always use your artistic talent. If you do not think you are talented at painting or drawing, you do not even need to be.

The more unique your painted walls will be, the more your rooms will take shape and have uniqueness. If you have a very large white wall, you can fill it with large canvas paintings, and if you want to increase the volume of the room, you can put a very large mirror on the wall.


When it comes to flooring, it’s important to think outside the box. Your old floor doesn’t need to be changed, but only covered with something completely different. If you already have wood, it will fit very well with some vintage rugs. The color and pattern can be chosen by you, but for an old wooden floor, these vintage rugs will work wonders. And the price is not high at all. We can find them in second-hand shops or at special fairs.


Probably the most important thing when you want to cheaply decorate an apartment is the furniture. How else can a space be given personality if not through the most important pieces of furniture in the entire house? These will be the most expensive pieces, and probably most of the budget will end up being spent on furniture.

If you have a small apartment where the space must be preserved and used as efficiently as possible, you will have to choose pieces of furniture that are both practical and beautiful. You need to choose wardrobes that are not too wide, beds with drawers, hanging cabinets, and any other pieces that help you save space.

If you are also a little creative, you can buy sets of chairs that can be folded very compactly, coffee tables that turn into dining tables, or shelves that can be folded on the wall when not in use.

Short tip

The most impactful things in an apartment are the accessories and small decor items. If you manage to find a budget for such things, you will see that your apartment looks much better. Even a few plants can make a difference.

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