Backyard design ideas in 2021

There are many ways you can change the atmosphere of the backyard. For those of you who have to take care of such a space, you know that things are more complicated than they seem and that any detail or decorative object brings with it both worries and satisfactions. If you still run out of ideas and the summer season requires a refreshment of the backyard, here are some backyard design ideas from 2021 to fulfill you.

Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden is a very lively and green design that you can use if you are an amateur of nature and you want to walk through the yard of the house in a separate dimension of peace. The designers have gone as far as possible with this design, so you have to prepare for a fairly high budget. Here we can see some organized different outdoor sections for both relaxation and socialization. All these spaces combined with plots full of plants, greenery, and naturalness have made this design a very appreciated one.

Some tasteful details have been added here that cannot be identified in the image. A natural shade, a fireplace, and a pond for exotic fish.

The scene behind the house – Backyard design ideas

We do not know how such a design can be attractive for the yard of a European citizen, but for those of you who want something unique for their yard, something more out of the ordinary is probably not possible. With such a design, you will perfectly connect the interior and exterior verandas and you will create a place a perfect playground for children. The high terrace will be a special place for the little ones’ performances, but also a reason for fun when you have friends over for dinner.

English garden

The word that best defines this backyard design in 2021 is privacy. London is the location in the picture, and the client asked for a comfortable place full of plants that would include a special place to relax. As you can see in the picture, the place is not very big, but the result is excellent. A favorable factor is a fact that the neighbors shared the customer’s tastes.

Some elements used a lot in this landscape are the viburnum bushes, the intention is to reflect very well the contemporary current.

Vegetable garden

Balkan compatriots are among the first to consider using the back garden in a way that would bring some benefits. A beautifully arranged vegetable garden can look better than any craft design. Although if you turn to design service, you will notice that a vegetable garden can look incredible with few adjustments made by a professional.

Conclusion – backyard design ideas

We know that this article is not for everyone, but we will come back with design ideas that can be applied to the apartments of those who want a corner of nature close to them. For more information about our services or to find out what we do at Iva Studio, we invite you to click here.

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