What are product renderings?

What are product renderings? They are images created at the most realistic level that aim to render a product in its most detailed, clear and photorealistic form. Usually, these product renderings are used for marketing purposes and promotional campaigns. It is an effective way to present a product and a professional way to market yourself.

What are product renderings?

Before we get into the specifics of what a product rendering is, it’s important to note that it’s a lot less expensive than you might think. You no longer have to negotiate the price of photoshoots, nor do you have to create product prototypes to present to potential customers. We know this was done before the advent of rendering technology. Companies used to display prototypes for a customer to decide if they wanted to buy them by getting their hands on that prototype.

Realistic visualization, or 3D rendering, can show you the product from any point and in the smallest detail. All you have to do is specify the point of interest for the product. Do you want a realistic image from the inside, from the profile, of a piece that normally would not be noticed? These things are possible.

It saves a lot of time and budget

Returning to prototypes, a company like Apple, for example, could even make a few dozen prototypes until it launches a finished product. This means a lot of time dedicated to design and manufacture, but also a budget to support only one product verification process. Moreover, for a prototype, you will need a whole team of engineers and designers.

For a 3D rendering, only one designer, or at most one or two renderers/architects, will be needed. That realistic presentation of the product can be changed directly in the digital environment without having to wait a few months to see the product in its real form. The only prototype you will create will be the last one because the changes and errors can be made and repaired directly from the rendering.

You can only test the market with renderings

Customers don’t need to get their hands on an iPhone before they buy it. Most of them never do that. Apple sells tens of millions of phones each year, and it is unlikely that even 1% of them ever make it to the clients in the prototype stage. Prototypes are also used to create promotional campaigns, and most of the time, the ones who get their hands on them are influencers, reporters, specialists, and critics.


We hope you understand what product renderings are and what they can be used for. They are a revolution in the way we present our products to our customer audience. It’s a better, more efficient, cheaper, and faster way to create the strongest sales or presentation campaigns.

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