Hiring an Architect or a Designer? What is the best option?

Until you make the most important decision about how you will redecorate or arrange the home, what is the difference between the two and why could it do a better job? We will try to answer this question because of the strange similarities between the two. The speciality defines them and you may need the expertise of an architect even for interior design.


What does an architect do?

You couldn’t hire or work with an architect if you didn’t know exactly what he was doing. Here is a list of some things an architect does.

  • Architects design any type of building or home, including hospitals, churches, or hotels.
  • Some supervise the site, and some can tell if something will work or not.
  • An architect’s project also has applicability, functions, and shows you exactly what a building is good for.
  • An architect can create a beautiful building that is also useful at the same time.
  • The architect is surrounded by numbers, mathematical formulas, statistics, analysis, and this very cerebral person.


What does an interior designer do?

  • They study space science a lot and are very good at using every inch of the space they have at their disposal.
  • I can create drawings or renderings that will show you what the future interior of the house will look like (and an architect can do that).
  • The designer is also the one who gets to work and assembles all the pieces to create the landscape he showed you in digital format beforehand.
  • Some designers specialize in certain segments. Some are very good at the styles of the ’70s, others can create modern designs, and others combine the useful with the pleasant, making the backyard a real sanctuary.

The difference between the two

After analyzing the abilities of the two, we come to the conclusion that both the architect and the designer can create beautiful and functional spaces, use their skills to create modern spaces, or respect certain stylistic currents. But here’s the main difference:

The architect is not only the one who decorates, but he is also the one who creates the space to be decorated. An interior designer will never be put in the position of building space. He can only capitalize on an already created space.

Is the architect the most suitable for such a job? The answer would be yes. An architect who creates a space from his own imagination is completely able to decorate it properly. In a competition in which we have an architect and a designer, we see how each depends on the other to complete a project. What you need to do is choose according to your needs. If you want to completely change the space, structure, and shape and only then decorate, you will need an architect.

If you just want to change the atmosphere a little by changing a few elements, you will succeed with a designer.

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