Interior design styles 2022

The most popular interior design styles of 2022 are the ones we don’t see in almost any home. Less than 1% of those who decorate their homes choose these styles. Most of the time, these styles are used by those who have a better financial situation than most of the people around us.

This is since these styles are very pretentious and, most of the time, do not show their true value if they are not kept intact. We are talking about the styles that are worthy of Instagram pictures and the ones that best attract the public’s attention. Here they are:

Interior design styles

Retro style from the ’70s

To be worthy of amazing pictures on Instagram, these homes decorated in unusual styles must somehow attract the attention of the general public. What other styles can do this better than a style that is no longer popular? Something that, if returned to the present, will provide a true visual spectacle. This is the retro style of the ’70s.

You don’t even have to work too hard to find the best decorations to support this style. Only a few fireworks will give the right feeling, and from there you will be able to create the perfect environment to start decorating, posing as no one can and impress. Dark orange, tree moss, or other simple elements, simple iron details. If the decoration comes from a flea market, it is perfect.

Interior design styles

Multifunctional spaces

Another landscape that will impress you from the point of view of the landscape is the one in which a single picture bombards you with details. Many details can only be obtained from an open, large space with a high ceiling and where you can add many elements. That’s why we call them multifunctional spaces. Because they can very easily become the core of an element.

Due to the pandemic context, the multifunctional spaces will return in 2022. We spend more time indoors, and it is normal to want to be more practical, to spend our time inside a home where we can carry out our activities in a simpler way.

Interior design styles

ZEN interior design

What could be more pleasant and relaxing than an environment where you can live and feel relaxed and Zen? Most of the time, these spaces are sustainable, as they have been decorated using elements derived from organic materials and somehow encourage you to try a different style. ZEN decorations use a lot of wood materials, such as grey or white elements, bamboo, or light-coloured wood.

To give a zen feeling, you must always reproduce the feeling of relaxation and flat surfaces made of natural materials. Nature does a lot for our mood, and the Zen style uses the elements of nature to do that.

Conclusion – Interior design styles

These are the main interior design styles and elements that will be used to decorate homes in 2022. For more details on renderings, you can contact us directly.

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