How much does a 3D rendering cost?

If you have discovered that you need a 3D rendering or a photorealistic image for one of the products you are preparing to launch, or even for the new home you have tried to decorate, you are probably wondering what the prices are for such a service. Of course, how much does a 3D rendering cost can be a question that can be answered in hundreds of ways because the price can be different depending on the difficulty, product, number of renderings or images, and if so, they can be calculated depending on the area to be rendered. If you want a rendering that also fulfils animation, and the project is a 4-story building, you should expect a fairly high price.

How much does a 3D rendering cost? – Types of architectural renderings

An architectural 3D rendering can start from a simple, very realistic photography concept that focuses on a single area of ​​the home and aims to visualize in detail a current space or what it will look like after the arrangement. One of the most complex 3D renderings can be a complete tour of a house with over 8 bedrooms in which the architect must highlight even the most important aspects of that house.

Most of the time, these virtual tours are necessary for very large projects that need very effective and elaborate information campaigns. A good 3D rendering service should make you feel as if you have arrived directly at the crime scene. Realism dictates the quality of rendering.

3d rendering cost

How much does a 3D rendering cost?

Well, a 3D rendering can never have an exact price. It’s like going to a carpenter and asking how much the floor costs. The architect needs to know the surface of the location that will be rendered, how detailed it will be and what it will be used for. Obviously, if animations are also involved, the price will change again.

There are several ways in which an architect or an architecture and rendering studio will be able to put a price on these services. At Iva.Studio, the price is calculated primarily based on the area to be rendered. The basic price for a project varies between 10 – 15 euros per square meter. If the client needs photorealistic images, then the price is calculated per image and varies between 150 euros – 500 euros. However, in order to establish the most accurate price, details such as: style, complexity, purpose of the project and many other elements must be discussed.

Before asking for a price for a rendering, you need to be prepared with some information. The surface of the rendered space is already an obvious thing that emerges from what I wrote above, but you must also know what you want to get from such a rendering. What is the purpose of creating this rendering? Only with these answers, the architect will be able to correctly estimate the price, but also to deliver an excellent product.

3d rendering cost

What factors can affect the 3D rendering cost?

If the deadline for the execution of the rendering is too short or if the client urgently needs it, the price will be higher. And the size of the files or the level of detail you want can affect the final price. If you need even the smallest details or the rendering will be used in promotional campaigns, the rendering will take longer and the computer used will be more efficient, things that add to the price.

Obviously, the architect’s experience also pays off. It is normal to pay less for a novice architect and more for a professional architect.

3d rendering cost

Final thoughts

The price is always according to your wishes. Architecture is a scientific industry but closely linked to the principle of creativity. Don’t forget to choose quality over low prices.


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