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Scandinavian Interior Design – Comfortable, Bright, Simple

Being very similar to the minimalist style, Scandinavian interior design helps us to understand what a home should look like when you combine minimalism with elements that favour comfort. The Scandinavian style is quite different, but it can quickly become a way of life. Your home will invite everyone to take part in a pleasant, quiet and calm environment.

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

The principle of this interior design style is that it discreetly combines minimalist elements and simple but modern textures. Thus, a welcoming, warm, useful and very cozy environment is created.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Natural light

Scandinavian Interior Design is known for the fact that light must dictate the condition of your home. If you enjoy a lot of natural light, this should be the atmosphere inside. That is why it is important to use simple colours, simple pieces of furniture and decorations that attract a lot of light.

You need to make the most of natural light sources. So if you can install large windows in an apartment, you should do it.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Everything has to be cozy and delicate – Scandinavian Interior Design

While the light must penetrate into all corners of the rooms, you must take into account one of the main reasons why you use such a design is because it makes you feel comfortable. Put soft curtains everywhere to separate the intimate and sleeping spaces. Use large blankets, large sofas, light colours, minimalist décor and simple pieces of furniture.

An important element of this design is the fireplace that should not be missing from the home in any form. If you have a guest room where most of the colours are in shades of grey, you need to complete this set by installing a wood-burning fireplace inside the room. Most homes in Scandinavia have such an element.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design – Do you like wood?

If you are passionate about wood and wood decorations that make you feel comfortable and full of energy, Scandinavian interior design will allow you to enjoy your pleasure. If you really want to have wood near you, you will still have to follow the main rules of this style of interior design. You need to use light and warm colours. If you find wood processed in grey or other shades of Sepia, you will see how beautifully it blends with the sun’s rays that enter your home.

Another important piece of advice on colours is to keep a monochrome rule. That is, if you choose a colour for one of the rooms in your home, try as much as possible to use only shades of that colour.


Scandinavian interior design does not fall into the same category as visual impact styles such as Gothic. Obviously, it’s about tastes and how people feel best when they spend their free time at home. If you want to have a quiet, bright, welcoming environment that makes you feel relaxed and safe, the Scandinavian style is perfect.

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