Home redesign – What to do before

Lately we have been talking about some of the most popular interior design styles that you can use to give a completely different image to your home. However, we failed to tell you what to do before you begin any home redesign or change of home action. The series about styles will continue, but until then, here are some practical tips that will help you.

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Set time goals

If the budget is not problematic, it usually comes with a lot of problems. When you have enough freedom to customize your home and you are not even constrained by the budget, the chance that your project will reach a long-term goal is very high. Some people even lose 2 years to a redecoration project, which is obviously completely inefficient. You lose the essence of style, you lose the image, you lose the sensation.

Before you start redecorating or changing the design of your home, determine what steps you want to be completed using a timeline. This way, you will stick to the schedule and you will not prolong the completion of the project just because you are waiting for a spontaneous order of carpets from Egypt that will come in 8 months.

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Think about the future – Home redesign

Maybe the design style trends are not predictable. We have no way of knowing what current will be in vogue and for what period. What we can see in the future is how old we will be. If you keep changing almost everything in your home, at least do it in a practical way. Try to buy accessories, furniture and other practical items, always asking the question of the future. What needs will you have in 10 years? Try to organize everything to make it easier for you when time passes.

Storage space

It’s definitely not the first time we’ve talked about storage and it probably won’t be the last. Storage is the aspect that most beginners miss. It is normal. The storage space is not visible and wow enough to amaze visiting friends. Most people who go through a redesign, focus on the visuals and things that would make them look better in the eyes of others.

Don’t forget that for all the objects in the house, you will need a place to put them.


The budget comes from you – Home redesign

Shopping for the future look of your home is exciting, but never forget that there will always be some spendings that you did not expect. The moment you even start moving a closet, you will incur extra expenses. So if you were thinking of risking 4000 usd on a light bulb, the wise decision would be to wait. Redesigning your home requires more resources than you can imagine. It’s just like when you buy a wall TV. If you have not had one before, you will have additional expenses on the mounting bracket.

Conclusion – Home redesign

Redesigning the home is a fun, exciting and difficult process. Try to learn a few things from all the events and always be ready to take some money out of your pocket!

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