Architectural renderings – How to realize quality?

We kept talking about architectural renderings and their importance in our daily work. Enough so we can dedicate another article to them. This time we want to talk about how good some renderings are and how not very good others can be. How do you realize this difference in quality?

Why resort to architectural renderings?

From the moment you use architectural renderings before you start working on your project, you will already benefit from certain advantages. Let’s take the simple example of a one-room apartment design. How well do you think you can talk about the details of every corner of the room? With an architectural rendering you can see everything from the color of the door, the model of the handle or even how the sun’s rays touch the interior of the room.

You will be able to get rid of construction and layout errors that cost you money. You will be able to make better decisions for decorations, colors or furniture. The client of the architect who offers such renderings is calm and convinced that he is in control of the project.

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How is the quality of these renderings affected?

Creating a 3D rendering may take longer than you expect. For a beginner, it could be a task that can take tens of hours. While most of these services are or at least look decent, the quality is determined by other criteria:

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Light, Details, Processing or even Angles.

Light is the main factor that gives an architectural rendering personality. It is also the tool that gives realism to renderings. The more realistic the light looks, and the more correctly the shadows and lights are executed, the better the rendering will be.

Because architectural renderings are identified by their 3D nature, it is obvious that angles must also be a factor in deciding quality. Positioning the angles is important. If a client is faced with a rendering where several angles are positioned incorrectly, he will feel that something is wrong. The angles are decided by the position of the viewer. If the rendering is from a room corner position, the angles will need to be delimited afterwards.

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Details of an architectural rendering

We have reached the most difficult to execute and important details of these architectural renderings. The more details you have in a rendering, the more realistic it will be and the more it will be appreciated by the customer. Absolutely every object, texture, color and particle in the rendering must be as realistic as possible. There is a huge difference between an animated rendering, which has colors of poor clarity and a realistic rendering through which you can see almost 100% what your future home will look like.

If the rendering is done for the exterior, things get just as complicated. You need to represent as realistically as possible all the details of nature, light becomes a challenge, and elements such as alleys, stones, grass or large plants can bring, but can also destroy a rendering.

Randări arhitecturale

If you are a client looking for a rendering, and if you care about their quality, we would be more than happy to show you what a top architectural rendering service means.

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