Top apartment designs in 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has left deep traces in our behavior, and this can be seen in the way we feel we have to decorate our apartment, in the way we want to feel when we enter the rooms and although we want a modern look, we returned again to the comfortable, welcoming apartments with calm decor and we appreciate more the beauty in things. Top apartment designs in 2021 is our way to offer you alternatives for lack of inspiration.

Top apartment designs in 2021

Characterized using the term BOLD, the colors of the walls of the modern apartment from 2021 are simple, very inclusive and have the role of bringing family members together and creating connections between people who are in a common space. Since we need socialization, the focus should be on people and not on bright colors.

Natural materials

Although it is nice to have a simplistic design that gives you a sense of comfort, we must not forget even those small details that make our apartment look new, fresh and arouse those real words of praise. You can do this with the help of a fashionable style that was not practical in the past. Includes in the rooms of the mobile apartment made of wood as little as possible, decorative elements made of vegetation or stone, objects that give depth to the apartment.

Top apartment designs in 2021 – Are we going back to the 80s?

As I said, in terms of space and time spent in the house, we need to change the environment into a more welcoming, more comfortable place to satisfy our eyes. The 80s, with all the elements of copper, glossy stone or glass were emblematic for architects and interior designers, and now they have penetrated the wishes of the client in 2021.

Light wood

The light-colored wood is not only beautiful, instagramable and soothing, but it is welcoming for guests, it can be matched very easily and it will be able to immediately highlight an object of a brighter color. In 2021, the price of wood has risen sharply, so the more beautiful such a design is, the more expensive it can become.

Top apartment designs in 2021 – Simplicity and luxury

A good example we could think of when we noticed that more and more customers want to live in luxury, but without complicating things too much, is the ideology behind a royal bath. If you want to feel that you live in luxury, then you will have to invest in a luxurious bathroom with heavy materials such as granite. Simplicity will help this luxurious scent, so you can use a simple kitchen to do this. Use black, gray or white colors and tones.


The year 2021 is your moment. Choose to decorate your apartment as you like and use our tips to find the best designs.

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