Pool design 2021

We are still in the middle of the summer season and we do not want to overlook a very important article for our customers. Usually, even in the winter season and throughout the summer, our customers have very high demands and elaborate pool connections in their backyard. So, we thought that for a little inspiration, we could talk a little about some pool design ideas for 2021.

Diving pools

The Dipping Pool model is popular in small yards where the owner often considers that he would not have enough space for a full-fledged pool. If we look at it as a whole, the purpose of a swimming pool is to cool off in the summer. You do not need a very large pool for that.

If you have a narrow space in the backyard, you can build a pool where you can take pool walks. You can do it even a little more than usual, and this will satisfy your needs. There doesn’t have to be a pool of 50 people to be effective.

Pool Design 2021 – Infinity Pool

The definition of luxury when we talk about backyard pools is the Infinity Pool. The feeling is unique, the appearance is hard to dispute, and the reactions of those who visit you will be appropriate. Most of the time, an infinity pool is the number 1 decision of all important celebrities and personalities.

But we don’t have to allocate tens of thousands of dollars for such a pool. If from a geographical point of view, you are able to build such an effect, the price is not high at all. Even if an infinity pool is more expensive than a classic pool, it is worth every penny extra.

Double pools

The most common design is that next to the main pool, there is another smaller pool that serves different purposes. Some owners choose to use this as a children’s secondary pool, while others choose to make a jacuzzi directly.

The advantages of this design are that, from the design point of view, the whole looks very good and can very well fill a fairly large space. Another advantage is that a swimming pool and a hot jacuzzi make a pair impossible to beat.

Sun lounger space – Pool design 2021

The space for sunbeds can be very bold or quite simplistic. It depends on you if you want to have the sunbeds submerged a few inches in the pool water or have a path that takes you directly to the middle of the pool to get a tan directly from the center of the water.

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