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Are you planning to move to an area where the temperature never reaches the degrees of the winter season? To live in an area where it is always comfortable, where you always wear short clothes, and you do not have to invest a lot of money in warm clothes. An area where it is always sunny?

The disadvantage of such a climate is that most of the time, it is very hot, the infrastructure is different and must meet certain criteria and conditions. You will never have houses or buildings that are built the way they are built in Siberia. Fortunately, you will probably move to a more welcoming place, but here are some interior design tips for warm weather:

Materials matter the most

The materials that surround your personal space and with which you interact every day should give you a sense of freshness and cooling possibilities. Probably every time you leave the house, you will be hit with a heat wave, which disappears when you enter the house in the cold. Well, this coolness can also be included in the way you feel when you are inside.

Objects made of stone, linen or metal look quite good and induce a state of well-being. They do not absorb heat and are perfect because they give your home a special look that is very different from the outside sun.

If you were to avoid certain materials, you need to pay close attention to natural leather objects and things that we know very well what effect they have on the body or heat.

Cold colors – Interior design for warm weather

From the sphere of cold colors, it is imperative that the walls and large surfaces be covered with cold colors that offer cooler tones to the space where you spend most of the day. Entering a home that already seems to be cooler will help you a lot from a mental point of view.

Many plants

Why does the air suddenly become fresher, more airy and cooler when you enter a forest? Because plants cool the air and refresh it. If you use as many plants as possible in your home, you will not only make the space look cooler, you will even feel the air you breathe is fresher, but you will also bring the vibe from outside inside.

The right curtains

The reason you live in a fairly warm area are sunny mornings, when you open the windows wide and set aside the curtains to let the sun’s rays caress your freshly awakened face and give you an energy boost.

Those rays tend to raise the temperature of your home if you let them in throughout the day. Thus, in order not to create a greenhouse effect, you must opt for special curtains that satisfy both the need for light, but also protect you from the warm rays of the sun.

If you still want both, you can opt for fuzzy white curtains.


Try to follow the image of a landscape that contains a waterfall. What colors you see there, you need to include in the apartment. But don’t bring a waterfall home.

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