Boho interior design – When nature meets your home

The Boho interior design style sounds like a very hippie name. We hear a lot about it on TV or through communities of celebrities and public figures, but in reality, very few really understand what it’s all about in a Boho design. We continue our series dedicated to interior design styles with the Boho style.

Boho Interior Design-A Brief History

The period in which this style of interior design became popular is both small and less difficult to call historical. The Boho style has become very popular only in the last 5 years and is quite unique at its core. The basic idea in this style is absolutely any element, room or location in the house must be accompanied by natural elements. Moreover, excess bamboo, or decorative handmade elements from organic materials, are always received with open arms.

boho interior design

Basic principles

The term that can perfectly describe this style is “nonconformism”. The more elements that make up the Bohemian or Bohemian design inspire you to live a simple and balanced life, the more you will realize that the designer or the owner of the location is a nonconformist man. Most often, the Boho style is found in thinkers, philosophers’ homes, or people appreciated in the intellectual environment. They are the ones who started this trend. They wanted something special; they wanted to feel the objects around them.

In a Boho-style home, you will have a lot of light, bright colors, restored or vintage furniture, and a lot of elements that seem detached from nature.

Boho Interior Design – Features

Boho does not mean following a pattern or following strict design rules. Boho must offer you visual, mental and physical comfort from all points of view. Regardless of the materials used, the Boho style is responsible for the comfortable feeling it gives you. If you feel fulfilled, relaxed and detached when you walk in, Boho has done its job.

Color palette

There is no very clear limit here either. Obviously, the more the colors are obtained with the help of natural elements or at least following a hand crafted process, the closer the vibe is to what you want to achieve. Metallic gold, royal pink, or even the color imparted by ink splattered on white cotton, all offer something unique, as the Boho style should.


Believe it or not, if people who are passionate about handmade things use more silk, we would have an explosion in the boho decor industry. The most emblematic elements of Boho style decoration are vintage pillows, woven blankets, beanbags, and brightly colored carpets. If they are also made of silk or organic materials, you are already on the right track.

The market for all your decor items is the handmade fair.

Wrap up – Boho interior design

Boho style is the style you like. Respecting only a few main elements such as naturalness, organic, and handmade, the Boho style can be unique for each of us.

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