Bedroom design – Step by step

You have probably been waiting for this moment for years and you are finally at the point where you will start a new bedroom design process. Our first tip is not to get carried away and always follow the instructions given by the interior designer. But we are here to learn how to do everything right, so let’s get started!


Choose the color that will predominate the bedroom

As clear as this indication may seem, it doesn’t help much. Now that you know what to do in the first phase, how will you choose a color? They are almost infinite. You can start by choosing the color according to the geographical position of your home. If you live in a cooler area, cold colors will suit you better. If you live in a warm area, the cold colors will give you a special feeling.

Although you have probably set some criteria for the colors of your bedrooms, our advice is to choose colors that create a relaxing atmosphere and let natural light settle everywhere.


Bedroom Design – The look of your bedroom

The most important element in your bedroom is the bed. Once you have chosen the colors of the walls and the elements that will be placed inside, the position of the bed is the most important. All furniture and the rest of the objects will have to be placed according to the position of the bed if the bedroom is small.

For larger bedrooms, you will also enjoy greater flexibility and can even place the bed in the middle of the room. Most bedrooms are small and medium in size so we will follow this principle. The next thing is storage furniture which tends to be the most expensive of all. Wardrobe, cabinets, drawers, bedside tables. They can be of many types, shapes, or colors. Find a balance with your designer or renderer.


The choice of bed

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the position of the bed, but now we need to know which bed to buy. The most important element is the bed frame. The bed is the main element in the bedroom. It can decide the style of the entire bedroom. At the same time, it must meet your needs. To have storage spaces, to be designed from a certain material, to be very tall or not.


Bedroom Design – Practical furniture is worth all the money

Many of our customers have very elaborate requests related to the dimensions of the pieces of furniture, but also about very complicated details. In a small bedroom, you want your closet to have many details that take up space or be minimalist and provide plenty of space for storing clothes.

The minimalist current has taken the closets out of the way and you will see quite a few pictures on the internet with people who use a hanger holder to store clothes. The same goes for bedside tables, chairs, tables. Everything must be as useful as possible, as attractive as possible, and take up as little space as possible.



It all ends with curtains, artificial light, floor rugs, or the introduction of simple elements made by yourself. It is your bedroom and it can be beneficial to leave your imprint on it.

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